DDG provides comprehensive Structural BIM Modeling Services in the USA for Estimators, General Contractors, Construction Companies, Fabricators, etc. We work on Residential, Commercial and other complex Structural BIM Models that depict the structural components in detail, helping the on-site construction contractors to visualize and follow a seamless construction process.


Our Structural BIM Services includes,

  • Structural BIM Modeling

  • BIM Models for Coordination

  • Parametric Library Creation

  • Family Creation

  • Point cloud conversion

  • Construction Documentation

  • Concrete Lift Drawings


DDG provides an absolute Structural BIM Service that will accelerate comprehensive design analysis and evaluation that leads to flexibility in the management of Structural BIM. We believe that Structural Engineering Services requires knowledge of local industry standards, innovative thinking, extensive design experience, and consistent training & development. We support our clients in conceptual, preliminary and detailed fabrication projects maintaining international standards in quality and helping our clients reduce project schedules as well as ensure cost-effectiveness. Also, we help our clients on-site with a reduced burden of change orders and efficient material tracking during the construction phase.

DDG has extensive experience in fabrication, erection/layout and shop drawings for pre-cast, steel and poured-in-place structures and post-tensioned concrete systems. We provide the client with value-engineered structures through our knowledge and experience in various construction methodologies. Our valuable service provides point cloud creation, collision detection, collaboration and generation of the Navisworks model. In spite of that, we will create a comprehensive set of concrete lift drawings incorporating pour break locations, embeds from various trades, MEP block-outs and accessories required from various formwork systems. 

Concrete Lift Drawings

Concrete lift drawings are created to communicate all the necessary information regarding a concrete pour to the field crew.  To get all of the right information into the drawings, the entity creating the lift drawings needs to effectively communicate with the design team, the concrete contractor team members, other subcontractors, and the general contractor. DDG BIM service is key to make sure the correct and current information is represented on the drawings.